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Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma is a rigorous and proven business methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to improve business performance. With the goal of increasing profits by eliminating mistakes, waste, and rework, Six Sigma provides a means to identify and prevent process variation-or defects-to improve predictability and success of business processes.

Our Six Sigma certification and training classes are the perfect option for any business. We begin with the basics of Six Sigma methodology, and teach students how to improve processes as the courses proceed.

We also provide ample hands-on exercises with Minitab and make the students familiar with various forms of chart creation and analysis methods with Minitab software.

Study Material

Our study materials are very clearly offered in slide show presentations with practice questions to make students successful and to help support the needs of our clients.

Hands on Training


- Minitab

- Statistical Graphs & Charts