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SPSS 23.0: Statistical Package for Social Sciences (Data Analysis Training)

Vendor: IBM
Subject: Statistical Data Analysis Training
  • How to create a data file in SPSS
  • Import and export a data file
  • Data Processing
  • Data Management
  • Create Graphical Presentations
  • Use outputs in different applications
  • How To Write Programs in SPSS
  • Statistical data analysis: Basics statistics, t-test, χ² (chi-square) test, F-test, frequency, x-tabulation, Correlation, Regression, Factor Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Predictive Analysis & ANOVA, will also be covered.
  • Multiple responses analysis
  • Interpretation of result


    Data Processing & Management
  • Introduction
  • Starting SPSS
  • Understanding Variables
  • Basic Structure of SPSS Data File
  • Creating SPSS data file
  • Adding a Variable
  • Extract a Variable
  • Adding a Variable Label
  • Changing Variable Type and Format
  • Adding Value Labels
  • Modifying Data Values
  • Saving Data file
  • File copy & Past
  • Printing output
  • Matching data files
  • Relational database handling
  • Sort Cases
  • Merging Cases
  • Merging Variables
  • Select Cases
  • Handling Missing Data
  • Two Simple Recoding Rules
  • Computing New Variables
  • Reading an SPSS Data File
  • Reading Data from Spreadsheets
  • Reading Data from a Database
  • Using Results in Other Applications
    Graphics & Sampling Technique
  • Creating and Editing Charts
  • Bar Diagram
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Pie-Chart
  • Normal Distribution
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Sampling Technique
    Data Analysis
  • Examining Summary Statistics
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Simple Cross-tabulation
  • Counts versus Percentages
  • Time Saving Features
  • SPSS Syntax
  • Frequency
  • Correlation
  • Regression Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • >Bivariate Analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Multiple Responses Analysis
  • Chi-square test
  • T-test
  • F test
    Lab Exercises
  • Health Related Data: Causes of Death Analysis for appoximately 6000 children under five years of age
  • Analyze Breast Cancer Survival data of approximately 1200 records
  • Human Resources Data: Analyze Employee database approx.700 cases
  • Marketing Data: MDB2012-13 campaign database sample 40000
  • Does Diet Make a Difference? A physician is evaluating a new diet for her patients with a family history of heart disease. To test the effectiveness of this diet, 16 patients are placed on the diet for 6 months. Their weights and triglyceride levels are measured before and after the study, and the physician wants to know if either set of measurements has changed.
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  • Credit Card Promotion : A department store wants to evaluate a recent credit card promotion. To this end, 500 cardholders were randomly selected. Half received an ad promoting a reduced interest rate on purchases made over the next three months, and half received a standard seasonal ad.

Familiarity with data processing concepts and techniques


SPSS for windows application is the most popular user-friendly data management and analytical software in the world. This Course will cover the details of the Application Standard Course, plus the specifics for complex data management and analysis of multiple responses.

Materials Available: Yes
Duration: 4 Days

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