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SAS Data Analysis Training

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SAS is a Job landing course in Health and Financial sectors. Success rate over 98%. Solid hands-on practical experience with projects.


This course is designed for the SAS users who are seeking for SAS programmer/data analyst or relevant IT position in health and financial sectors. The SAS course starts for the beginners and go up to advanced level.

  • What is SAS? What is SAS Explorer window, Results window, Program Editor or Editor window, log window and Output window.
  • How to create SAS library and assign library to local directory?
  • How to read SAS data?
  • How to import excel data, csv data, text data, spss data etc. in SAS?
  • How to accessing data, creating data, managing data, combining data, producing reports, data cleaning techniques, common statistical procedures using SAS system?
  • How to use SQL commands in SAS?
  • How to write commands for Macros, Inner Join and Outer Join: left, right & full join?
  • How to interpreted correlation, regression analysis, statistical modeling, GLM, Predictive modeling and significant tests?

Course Outline

    Fundamental of SAS Programming (Data Analysis)
  • SAS fundamental concepts along with SAS windows, Libraries, Relational Database, SAS database, SAS subset, SAS rules etc.
  • Import data/Export data: excel, csv, text, SPSS, SQL, Oracle etc.
  • Create SAS data set with text data in different scenarios
  • Create conditional SAS sub-sets
  • Combine multiple SAS sub-sets
  • Recode and compute new variables
  • Data consistency checks and remove duplicates
  • Accessing database, creating database, managing database, combining database, producing reports, data cleaning techniques.
  • Basic SQL commands in SAS
  • Common statistical procedures using SAS system data,
  • Create Frequencies tables, Pivot tables and reports
  • Analysis data for descriptive statistics
  • SQL sub-querys in SAS
  • Create various charts with conditions and without condition
    SAS Advanced Programming (Data Analysis)
  • Formatting reports
  • Statistical Significant tests.
  • SQL Inner Join and Outer Join in SAS
  • Create View tables for monitoring quality of data
  • Data Validation: range checks and consistency checks
  • Correlation for modeling
  • linear regression
  • Dependent/outcome variable & Independent/Predictor variable for modeling
  • Modeling
  • Regression modeling,
  • GLM modeling
  • Predictive modeling
  • Hypothesis and statistical significant tests:
    • Chi-square test
    • One sample t-test
    • Paired sample t-test
    • Independent sample t-test
    • Sampling techniques using SAS
  • SAS Macros for Automation
    • Creating macro variable
    • Creating Macros
    • Execute Macros
    • Using Macros in programs
  • Interpretation of analytical results
    Lab works involved SAS Programming Course
  • Health Related Data: Causes of Death Analysis for approximately 6000 children under five years of age
  • Breast Cancer Survival data of approximately 1200 records
  • Human Resources Data: Analyze Employee database approx.700 cases
    Hands on Project included in SAS Data Analysis Course
  • Project No 1. Marketing Data: Email campaign -database size 40000
  • Project No.2. Health Research -database: size 6458.
    Coop Job for SAS Data Analysis Course (optional)
  • Services and customers satisfaction: data processing, data management, data analysis and presentation
  • Coop job will be counted as working experience and will be provided job reference.

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