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Minitab® Statistical Data Analysis

Course overview

Minitab® for Statistical Data Analysis Training Course introduces you to the most commonly used features in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training. Throughout the course, you use functions, create graphs, and generate statistics. You use sampling of Minitab’s® features to see the range of features and statistics.

  • Create and interpret an individual value plot
  • Create a histogram with groups
  • Edit a histogram
  • Arrange multiple histograms on the same page
  • Access Help
  • Create and interpret scatterplots
  • Arrange multiple graphs on the same page
  • Print graphs
  • Save a project
  • Display and interpret descriptive statistics
  • Perform and interpret a one-way ANOVA
  • Display and interpret built-in graphs
  • Access the StatGuide
  • Use the Project Manager
  • Set options for control charts
  • Create and interpret control charts
  • Update a control chart
  • View subgroup information
  • Add a reference line to a control chart
  • Conduct and interpret a capability analysis
  • Become familiar with designed experiments in Minitab
  • Create a factorial design
  • View a design and enter data in the worksheet
  • Analyze a design and interpret results
  • Create and interpret main effects and interaction plots
  • Enable and type session commands
  • Conduct an analysis using session commands
  • Rerun a series of session commands with Command Line Editor
  • Create and run an Exec
  • Add a graph to the ReportPad
  • Add Session window output to the ReportPad
  • Edit in the ReportPad
  • Save and view a report
  • Copy the ReportPad contents to a word processor
  • Edit a Minitab graph in another application
  • Send output to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Open a worksheet
  • Merge data from an Excel spreadsheet into a Minitab worksheet
  • Merge data from a text file into a worksheet
  • View worksheet information
  • Replace missing value
  • Stack columns of data
  • Code data
  • Add column names
  • Insert and name a new data column
  • Use the Calculator to assign a formula to a column
  • Change default options for graphs
  • Create a new toolbar
  • Add commands to a custom toolbar
  • Assign shortcut keys for a menu command
  • Restore your Minitab default settings using Manage Profiles
  • Get answers and find information
  • Use Minitab Help
  • Use Minitab StatGuide
  • Use Session Command Help
Duration: 1 Days

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