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Microsoft Office Excel 2016 (Advanced)


Excel 2016 for Windows has all advance topics including macros, v-lookup, h-lookup, Pivot table, tables, forms and auto reporting . Here are some of the new and improved features.

Course Outline

    Perform calculations on data
  • Name groups of data
  • Define Excel tables
  • Create formulas to calculate values
  • Summarize data that meets specific conditions
  • Set iterative calculation options and enable or disable
  • Automatic calculation
  • Use array formulas
  • Find and correct errors in calculations
    Manage worksheet data
  • Limit data that appears on your screen
  • Manipulate worksheet data
  • Define valid sets of values for ranges of cells
    Reorder and summarize data
  • Sort worksheet data
    • Sort data by using custom lists
    • Organize data into levels
    • Look up information in a worksheet
    Analyze alternative data sets
  • Examine data by using the Quick Analysis Lens
  • Define an alternative data set
  • Define multiple alternative data sets
  • Analyze data by using data tables
  • Vary your data to get a specific result by using Goal Seek
  • Find optimal solutions by using Solver
  • Analyze data by using descriptive statistics
    Advanced Functions
  • Lookup
    • V-Lookup Advanced
    • V-Lookup with IFERROR – Multiple Match
    • V-Lookup with IFERROR – Multiple Match in Dynamic Tables
  • Compare:
    • Compare and Highlight differences with Conditional Formatting
  • H-Lookup
    • Applying H-Lookup to Multiple Tables
  • Pivot-Tables
    • Creating and Modifying output using Pivot-Tables
  • Dash-Boards
    • Create an Attractive Dynamic Dashboard using Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts & Slicers
    • Summarizing a Multi-sheet Workbook
    • Conditional Formula:
    • Using Logical IF with AND / OR Operators
  • Macros
    • Creating a Macro and Editing in VB Editor
    • Modifying the Macro using the VB Editor to dynamically update the changes in the Data Range

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