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Microsoft Excel 2016 (Intermediate)

Course Overview:

Excel 2016 for Windows has all the functionality and features you're used to, with some added features and enhancements.

Course Outline:

Creating and Editing Worksheets
  • Introducing Flash Fill
  • Selecting and Naming Cell Ranges
  • Using Column Headers to define names
  • Moving around the worksheet
  • Copying one or more cells to many
Manipulating Numbers
  • Creating, editing, and copying formulas
  • Using the AutoSum button and built-in function
  • Inserting Functions
  • Using relative, fixed and mixed cell references
  • Using names in formulas and validating cell entries
Working with Text in Excel
  • Combining text from multiple cells into one string
  • Copying cells containing formulas and passing only their resulting values
Analyzing Data
  • Using the Quick Analysis tools
  • Analyzing data from another source
  • Filtering data with tables
  • Adding data to tables
  • Sorting data and creating a custom sort list
  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Editing and modifying a PivotChart
Formatting Worksheets
  • Applying number formatting
  • Formatting with styles
Lookup Functions
Introduction to Working with Macros
  • Creating Macro
  • Running Macro
  • Editing Macro

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